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We’re making history

Moments ago at a rally in Vauxhall, I revealed something incredible.

Our membership has now passed 100,000 (100,014 to be exact!)

That means that since Theresa May called the Snap General Election last week, more than 12,000 people have joined our party.

It also means that we’re on course for our largest ever membership within a few days.

This news gives us fantastic momentum going into the first days of this election campaign – but we aren’t stopping there.

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who, like us, want to change the direction of our country.

Will you ask them to join us by sharing this news with your friends and family now?


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Thank you  – we couldn’t have reached this milestone without your support – and together, we will change the direction of our country.


Tim Farron
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

No to Jeremy. No to Theresa.

I want to make this clear.

The Liberal Democrats will not enter into any coalition deal with either Theresa May’s Conservatives or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.

On Thursday 8th of June, every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to change the direction of our country and stop a hard Brexit.

The reasons for this decision are simple.

Under no conditions can we sign up to Theresa May's Hard Brexit agenda; a hard Brexit will be a disaster for Britain. It risks crashing our economy and leaving us isolated on the global stage.

And Jeremy Corbyn would be a disaster for the country - he has no plan for the country, our economy and offers no leadership – and as Labour leader, every time it has mattered he has given Theresa May a blank cheque on Brexit.


Over the next 46 days, we're going to offer the British people a real alternative and a vision of a Britain that is open, tolerant and united.

Together, we are going to elect more Liberal Democrat MPs and change the direction of our country.

Let’s make it happen.

Thank you,

Tim Farron
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

PS: More than 10,000 people have joined our party since Tuesday – and we’re on the cusp of reaching 100,000 members. Will you help us do that by asking your friends and family to join us and help change the direction of our country? You can do that here:

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