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The Lib Dems in France are interviewed on the current state of Brexit negotiations

EU Withdrawal Bill

Support UK citizens living in the EU and help limit the damage caused by Brexit.


Contact your MP to try and secure their support for some of the EU Withdrawal Bill amendments. They may be more open to persuasion, given the strength of the Remain vote in their constituencies.  Almost all MPs have email addresses of the format


1.       East Renfrewshire (Paul Masterson- elected 2017) 75% remain

2.       Aberdeen South (Ross Thomson- elected 2017) 68% remain

3.       Stirling (Stephen Kerr- elected 2017) 68% remain

4.       South Cambridgeshire (Heidi Allen) 62% remain

5.       West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine (Andrew Bowie – elected 2017) 61%

6.       Hitchin & Harpenden (Bim Afolami) 61% remain

7.       Ochil and South Perthshire (Luke Graham) 60% remain

8.       Rushcliffe (Ken Clarke) 59% remain

9.       Hendon (Matthew Offord) 59% remain

10.   Cheadle (Mary Robinson) 58% remain

11.   Cheltenham (Alex Chalk) 57% remain

12.   Henley (John Howell) 57% remain

13.   Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk (John Lamont) 57% remain

14.   Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock (Bill Grant) 56% remain

15.   Woking (Jonathan Lord) 56% remain

16.   Gordon (Colin Clark) 56% remain

17.   York Outer (Julian Sturdy) 56% remain

18.   Chesham & Amersham (Cheryl Gillan) 55% remain

19.   Dumfries & Galloway (Alistair Jack) 55% remain

20.   South East Cambridgeshire (Lucy Frazer) 55% remain


When contacting an MP it is best if you have some local connection, so ideally members who live, work or study in these constituencies should be strongly encouraged to write emails. Those who have relatives living there etc. should also highlight that connection.  Of course it is still worth contacting any other MP whose constituency you have a clear link with.


These are the EU Withdrawal Bill amendments MPs could be encouraged to add their names to


•             Amendment 120: Provides for a referendum on the deal before we leave the EU

•             Amendment 63: Provides for continued membership of the Customs Union

•             Amendment 124: Provides for continued membership of the Single Market

•             Amendment 8: Ensures the Charter of Fundamental Rights continues to apply domestically in the interpretation and application of retained EU law

•             Amendment 1: Restricts the power of a Minister to make regulations to amend retained EU law to cases where the EU law is deficient in the way set out in the Bill

•             Amendment 131: Seeks to preserve the rights of EU Citizens after exit day, including residence rights


The initial deadline for contacting them is Wednesday 11th October at the latest, so they can add their names to amendments by Thursday 12th October at 5pm at the latest.

I want to hear from you!

When I became your leader, a little over two months ago, I set our party a bold goal.

I want us to overtake the Conservatives in membership and become Britain’s second largest party.

Now, the Conservatives are rather secretive about their membership, but the most reliable numbers we have say suggest they have at least 130,000 members.

Our current membership stands at just over 100,000, so we have a lot of work to do - but the goal is within reach.

Our Membership Department tells me that one thing, above all else, convinces people to join the Liberal Democrats: hearing the stories of members like them and who share their values.

That’s why I want to hear from you. Will you share your story with me today?

Share your story

If we’re going to reach the goal I’ve set, we’re going to need a major recruitment drive, and your stories are going to be at the heart of it.

So, please, share your story today and help us overtake the Conservatives.

Thank you,


Vince Cable
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Paul Fisher is elected Chair of the Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats


Following the resignation, last month, of the former Chair of BELD amidst a plan that was to ensure that the voice of the British citizens living in Europe is heard back home, Paul Fisher stood for the position of Chair of the Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats Local Party and won the election.


With 60% of votes in his favour, Paul Fisher was elected on the promises to ensure the sustainable development of BELD as a regional party coordinating the development of local parties across Europe, to work towards giving the Britons abroad the right to vote beyond the 15-year threshold in recognized abroad constituencies and to work to ensure the Liberal Democrats ideas are shared and communicated as broadly as possible to support our membership and the work of the National Liberal Democrats back home.


Paul Fisher will remain Chair of the Liberal Democrats in France as these two mandates are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary and strive towards the same three goals described above.

Today, the Liberal Democrats in France are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers but also a constituency that has grown from barely one hundred members to over five hundred. Paul Fisher is seeking to apply the methodology used to develop the Liberal Democrats in France to promote the sustainable development of BELD and of local parties across Europe.


Read the Press Release for more details on Paul Fisher's Manifesto

The LibDems in France are interviewed by RFI on the post-mortem of the General Election

LibDems in France take part in roundtable discussion on election results

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